Small is making it Large- Digital Marketing for small business

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Small, the word ‘small’ always had a blend of negative perspective, but not to forget that the word “Small” has “ALL” in it.

Some body said it correct, “Good things come in small packages”. But the fact is all those good small packages are needed to be sold.With the mark of 21st century and liberalisation at its peak, foreign investment to retail was still a doubtful situation in India. Companies like Walmart was changing the face of retail all over the globe except India, and reasons where obvious keeping in mind the dynamic Indian ecosystem.


India always was a curious case when it came to unorganised retail space for foreign investment.There were immense growth opportunities, but those opportunities were not allowed to kill small businesses, and nobody knew HOW? whether small business will be eliminated? or big retail companies like Walmart will have its brick and mortar space all over the country? The start of the millennium and passage of the first decade never made those questions clear, until today when it got clear that small businesses had to marry e-commerce or internet.


E-commerce’s brilliant idea of eliminating the problem of logistic and storage by making small businesses getting registered as resellers for them created a new league of small business houses, which are ready to take over market share overnight with a blink of an eye. And I don’t hesitate while saying that, this blink of an eye is nothing but Digital Marketing which makes it look so easy.

Walmart after failure of two decades,was able to enter Indian diaspora, with the acquisition of Flipkart is quiet an unorthodox attempt, and thus One can understand with the fact that, how Small businesses are not exiting the market sooner, instead a dent is yet to be made.


I belong to a business family, where my father had a small manufacturing unit of agro products.The thing that I always use to think while watching TV was, why our product is not on Tv for advertisement, and as a kid I was told by my father it is very expensive to have our product on TV.

Things are not same today, with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and huge access to internet made TV very irrelevant. Today Everyone has an inexpensive reach to relevant masses. In the age of digital marketing many small businesses have gained market share, without spending a penny on TV commercials, such as XIAOMI, Ustraa, Beardo, The Man Company and many more. Thus, this tells me about the immense power of digital marketing for business growth in no time. 

I vividly remember a stance where I was into an audit of a luggage manufacturing client in Kolkata, and I was stumped to know that this small looking business is making millions by reselling over E-commerce websites. The only thing that disappointed me was that I have never heard of that brand whose products are genuine and comparable to big brands. Just imagine if that brand took a support from digital marketing company in Kolkata, it would have been making more sense to its potential customer which are unaware of the brand.


Digital Marketing is such an ambiguous term, that it is always misunderstood with old school advertisement. Which is not in this case, as digital marketing is a complex process from having a own website to having a page on social media and those pages get continuously circulated to target customers over the digital media, not only these, online contentsare curated over stories and videos to carve a path for the brand to get consumed by the desired consumers in a indirect way of marketing.

With all the businesses going online, digital marketing is the need of the hour. Digital Marketing can do wonders for small businesses with AI tools coming in future designed and developed to direct all that is relevant to a specific set of individuals over internet, that would reduce the ultimate cost of reaching the desired consumer with an online real time tracking of the same. That sounds crazy with so much that is changing for good and best.

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